Black Shumen chicken

Black Shumen/Shumenska chicken Origin: old breeds from Bulgaria. A small black chicken developed in Bulgaria centuries ago. The name is thought to derive from the lace bonnets of the Shumen region. In the middle of the twentieth century Black Shumen/Shumenska chickens were crossed with black Minorca and Rhode Island red.

Varieties: black; Type: Layer;Fancy; Egg color: white; Productivity: 150-160 eggs; Egg size: 50-52 g; Skin color: white; Earlobes: red; Comb: single; Maturing: early maturing; Weight: rooster-2,0 kg (4,4 pounds), hen-1,5 kg (3,3 pounds). These interesting chicken breed is husbandring only in "Hibrid center of Poultry Institute"- Stara Zagora and a few Bulgarian breeders for now.



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